8 Reasons to Choose Legacy Emergency Freeze Dried Food Storage

1. Ready Meals That Are Easy to Prepare: Legacy has changed the way people think about emergency food storage with delicious freeze dried meals that can be prepared in just minutes with boiling water.
2. Up Front, Transparent Pricing: You should know that some food storage companies make their product look cheaper by reducing serving sizes. Not Legacy! Don’t purchase emergency food storage until you compare food storage on a cost per pound, or cost per calorie basis. With Legacy by Total Prepare, you get more food for your dollars.
3. Versatility: Legacy food storage customers use Legacy meals for more than emergency preparedness. Legacy meals are great for hiking, outdoors, camping, fishing, RVing and much more. They are light, portable and fast to prepare.
4. No More Food Storage Rotation: Legacy food storage meals are sealed in double thick mylar pouches, nitro flushed (oxygen absorber included too). Count on a true 25+ year shelf life. You didn’t want to rotate your food storage anyway.
5. Not just Quantity but Quality: With Legacy emergency meals, you can count on food storage that isn’t padded with empty calories like too much vanilla pudding or powdered drink mix. Get maximum taste and nutrition at the lowest cost per pound of food.
6. Tested and Certified: Only Legacy does regular food storage quality testing. Legacy is inspected and certified. Depend on food that is Non-GMO, autolyzed yeast extract free, nitrogen flushed and made from top quality ingredients with No Added MSG.
7. Meal Variety: Legacy provides the largest meal selection in the freeze dried emergency meal industry. Choose from 19 entrees, 4 breakfasts, sides dishes, fruit, veggies and drinks including coffee!
8. Voted Best Tasting: In blind taste tests 4 out of 5 people picked the taste of Legacy food over any other food storage company. Take the taste test yourself! Get a sample pack and serve it to your family without telling them to see what they say.

Legacy Premium is revolutionizing emergency food supply.

Legacy Premium is voted best tasting emergency food.

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 Best Value in Food Storage