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Keep Your Family Safe: Build An Emergency Water Supply

Preparing for an emergency before it occurs is the best way to fend off disaster. Planning allows you to gather supplies and be mentally ready. Emotions can flare during emergencies and having premade arrangements helps the whole family stay calm. The most important aspect of any disaster preparedness plan is creating a water supply. Water is essential to human life, and storing an emergency water supply can help any family though difficult times.


The size of the family determines the amount of water that should be stored. A general rule is that each person should be allowed a gallon of water a day. This gives every individual enough to for drinking, washing and making food. Determine the amount of water that needs to be stored based on space and your comfort level. Some families keep enough for a few days while others have enough for a whole month. When storing water, do not forget about your four legged friends. Make sure there is enough water for the pets without having to sacrifice your own allotment.


Bottled water is a quick solution for forming an emergency water supply. Bottled water has a clearly posted expiration date, is purified and is easily accessible. It would be expensive to create an entire supply of water from this source, but it is effective for a few days worth of drinking water. Tap water has also already been deemed safe and can be stored in empty pop bottles, jars with caps or bottles bought from stores. Bricks, drums or Super Tankers from Total Prepare can store the most water in an emergency. The bricks are convenient because they are portable, and the drums and Super Tankers will ensure there is enough water to outlast any emergency. Water lasts longest when it is stored in cool, dark places. Keep water away from flammable or dangerous substances, label the water and replenish the water about every six months.


Water from taps that is self stored is generally safe for consumption, but purifying water is best way to ensure safety. This entails cleaning out the containers before use, and purifying the water can also help. Total Prepare offers Aquatabs that can be used for this and other purposes. If you need to drink water from an unverified source, then it is essential to purify water before use.


If you do one thing to protect your family, it should be to store an emergency water supply. No one can prevent disaster, but one can be prepared to face any challenge with the proper resources.



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