MREs are hero food

Meals, Ready to Eat

We acknowledge the devastating impact of this year’s unprecedented nationwide forest fires on Canadian communities and individuals. Internally, we have discussed how we can contribute to the relief efforts. While supplies are available, Total Prepare is offering special pricing on our own brand of Meals Ready to Eat (MREs).

The Total Prepare MRE has quickly become the standard for quality in Canada, and we believe it should be in your hands. The firefighters and responders working tirelessly across Canada deserve hot, delicious, and nutritious meals, especially while they are in the field.

Our MREs were manufactured in September 2022 and still have a shelf life of 4+ years*, making them perfect for use in the current or upcoming wildfire situations. Free shipping on orders of 2 or more cases. Your hero discount will be applied at checkout.

*Stored in a cool, dry place.

Total Prepare MRE


Free Shipping on 2+ Cases

Great Taste

Quick and Easy
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High Calorie

Expires Sept 2027*

What’s Inside?

Each MRE pouch contains a main course, 3-4 sides (side, bread item, spread, snack, dessert), beverage mix, Tootsie Rolls, peppermint hard candy, a high powered, safe to use flameless meal heater, and an accessory pack (spoon, napkin, tea, etc.) Each case of MREs contains 12 meals.

Menu Items:

Click on each meal to view its ingredients and nutritional facts.

What is in an MRE?
5 stars

Proud to be of Service to Canadian Fire Fighters.

Total Prepare has been very professional in their approach and will work with you to find the best solution for your requirements. The supplies were delivered in a very timely manner and their attitude is to do whatever it takes to keep the customer happy was much appreciated.

I would recommend Total Prepare to any Fire & Rescue departments, first responder organization and emergency management group in need of emergency supplies.”

– Whitfield Crump, (since retired) Captain at Vancouver Fire & Rescue Services

The team at Total Prepare were professional in their approach and completely flexible in customizing the options to suit our requirements. I would recommend Total Prepare’s turnkey approach for Fire & Rescue departments and the first responders’ community.”

-Jon Chuma, Business Manager at West Vancouver Fire & Rescue Services

Total Prepare worked with us to find a solution that exceeded expectations and showed awareness of the different needs first responders have from retail consumers. They provide quick, dedicated service wherever you are in Canada, and we would recommend them to other members of the OAFC.”

-Arthur Brant, Fire Chief at Wikwemikong Fire Protection Services

A+ certified on BBB, and 4.8 stars on google and TrustPilot

A Superior Heater

Having a hot meal in the field can be tricky, especially if you want to avoid an open flame. Flameless meal heaters use a water-activated chemical reaction that is completely safe and poses zero fire risk.

Our heaters use a proprietary blend of non-toxic chemicals that produce little to no odour, are safe for use indoors or inside a vehicle, and can be safely taken aboard a plane for fast deployment.

Following the addition of any non-flammable liquid (90-150mls), the chemical reaction generates heat and steam. The internal temperature reaches up to 220° F for 10-15 minutes to heat the included meal.

MRE heater cooking GIF

The Best MRE at the Best Price

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