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Helpful Tips for Cold Weather Safety

Even in the warmer regions of Canada, we’re experiencing a steep drop in temperatures. Looking out over the frosty rooftops is beautiful, but it also means that going outdoors can be more treacherous than usual.

Here are a few winter safety tips to consider, whether you have just a little frost or 10 feet of snow!

  • Check in with the weather forecast regularly and listen up for wind chill warnings. Perhaps use Environment Canada as your homepage?
  • Create a cold weather safety plan. Those who are outdoors for work, at school, or commuting via walking or biking, might consider taking warm-up breaks, taking recess indoors or catching a bus.
  • Dress in layers, with a wind resistant outer layer. Remember that we lose most of our body heat from our heads, so wear a toque! It’s also smart to have gloves, scarves and balaclavas handy. You’ll want to cover up as much skin as possible, to avoid windburn or frostnip.
  • Keep your feet warm by wearing wool socks and waterproof shoes.
  • Wear SPF lip balm and moisturizing sunblock to protect you from both sun and windburn.
  • Dry winter air may also dehydrate you quickly, so it’s always a good idea to have water on hand.
  • Seek shelter if the weather is getting too cold.
  • Stay dry. If your clothes get wet, try to find a way to dry them out or change them as soon as possible.
  • Keep moving, if you need to be outside it can be vital to generate some body heat.
  • Watch out for signs of frostbite or hypothermia. If you notice symptoms like shivering, confusion, or loss of muscular control, you’ll want to get yourself or whoever is suffering into a warmer place.

For more information on hypothermia and frostbite, you can visit Canada’s Get Prepared website, or simply wait for our next blog post—where we’ll be taking a closer look at the symptoms, and how to treat them!

-Article contributed by Sophie Wooding – Avid gardener and cyclist in Victoria, BC and Content Writer for Frontier.io

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