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From Grandparents to Grandchildren – Gift Giving with a Special Meaning

The holiday season is upon us and Christmas is just around the corner! The real joy at this time of year is watching young children shriek with delight as they see the gifts that were on their list. Wrapping paper, ribbons, boxes, and laughter everywhere – the one time of year that mayhem can be delightful. Besides the toys, socks, and sweaters, why not add something special to your grandchildren’s Christmas gifts this year.

Part of every school’s curriculum is teaching students what to do in an emergency; they regularly have practice fire and earthquake drills, and tips on safety. A great way to continue the talk about staying safe would be to add a ‘Grab and Go’ backpack that children can keep on hand in the event of an ‘at-home’ emergency. A great place to start would be to purchase a basic Children’s Comfort Emergency Kit that has been specially put together for the younger grandchildren. It has everything a child needs for the first 72 hours of an emergency or disaster. The backpack is just the right size so they can easily carry it if necessary. Some of the items that come in the backpack include:

• 1 Water Bottle
• 4 400 Calorie Millennium Bars
• 1 Children’s Poncho
• 1 Reflective Blanket
• 1 Flashlight with Batteries
• 1 Signal Whistle
• 1 8 Hour Lightstick
• 1 Band Aids (6 pack)
• 1 Toothbrush
• 1 Toothpaste
• 2 Activity Books
• 1 Crayons (4 pack)
• 1 Notepad
• 1 Pencil
• 1 Stuffed Bear
Of course there is also space for children to add a few of their favourite items. Don’t forget about older grandchildren as well; the One Person Survival Kit is perfect for them and it also comes with a sturdy backpack with room for their extras as well. This kit is also great for those older kids that enjoy trail hiking or camping with their friends.

So go ahead and get those great toys and treats for Christmas that all the grandchildren are expecting from you, just don’t forget to include that special gift that could actually help save their lives one day. An emergency survival bottle is another great idea that can be either a stocking stuffer or one of those ‘extras’ that they can put in their backpacks.

After you’ve decided which emergency kit would best suit each of the grandchildren depending on their age, why not check to see what kind of emergency supplies the schools have. From basic student kits that each student can carry with them to Deluxe Classroom Emergency Kits that all schools should have for their teachers and students.

Not only will grandchildren have fun learning about what is in their backpack and all the uses for each individual item, their parents will certainly give a sigh of relief knowing their children are prepared and equipped for just about any unexpected emergency.




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