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Grab & Go vs Shelter-in-Place

What’s the difference?

Some emergencies result in you having to leave your house due to unsafe conditions. Other emergencies keep you confined to your home and you may be forced to stay put for days or even weeks. Depending on the area and climate you live in, you may require different emergency supplies for each situation. Evaluate what type of emergency preparedness supplies you will need for both Grab & Go and Shelter-in-Place scenarios.

Grab & Go

If you and your family need to leave your home in a hurry, Grab & Go Kits for each member of your family will be essential. These kits should be kept in an accessible “grab & go” location and be light enough to carry a long ways. You can add any extra items to your kits as you see fit and customize them to each individual in your family. Be sure to include any medications you are taking and enough food and an extra leash if you have a pet. Extra comfort items for your children such as coloring activities, cards, blankets, or a favourite stuffed animal will help keep them occupied and can make a big difference. Make sure each family member knows where the emergency kits are stored so they can easily grab theirs if you need to leave your house in a hurry.



If your home is stable and deemed fit to occupy, then you need to be prepared to set up shop for you and your family. Emergency kits have the essentials you need to survive for the first 72 hours, but some shelter-at-home situations will require you to be self-sufficient for a longer period of time. This is when long term food storage, like Legacy Freeze Dried food with a 25 year shelf life, is invaluable. You will want to consider long term water storage too. 125 and 250 gallon Super Tankers with the ability to store potable water for 5 years is something to consider as well.

Being ready for either Grab & Go or Shelter-in-Place situations will make any emergency a little more comfortable.

Check this great resource from Get Prepared Canada for more information.

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