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Gift Giving Can Be Both Fun And Practical

While a growing number of us are realizing the importance of having between 2 and 3 weeks of emergency food and water on hand, there are a host of items that most of us just never seem to get around purchasing for ourselves. These are often items that while not necessarily crucial to survival; they would certainly have an impact on the way we get through a week or two without power and water.

Along with all the ‘fun’ gifts we give to our family and friends during the holiday season, why not consider including a few items that will be used and appreciated in the event of an unforeseen emergency. Even smaller ‘stocking stuffers’ can make the difference between just surviving and surviving with a little extra comfort. Some of the more popular items that can go into any Christmas stocking include:

  • Emergency Survival Bottle – This highly portable and durable bottle is packed with items like: flashlight, AAA batteries, Lightstick, whistle, compass, emergency blanket and poncho, multi-tool knife, first aid kit, and more!
  • LifeStraw Personal Water Filter – Designed to provide safe, clean drinking water in virtually any situation. Outside of emergency situations, this personal water filter is great for hiking and camping enthusiasts.
  • 165 Piece First Aid Kit – Comes in a convenient tri-fold case with Velcro enclosure and includes alcohol, iodine, and sterile gauze pads, scissors, adhesive tape, disposable gloves, bandages, and more.
  • HeatStore Survival Blanket – This blanket provides durability, visibility and has a reflective lining.  It is more resistant to punctures and tears compared to standard reflective blankets. Its unique multi-layers absorb more heat from the environment for better protection.
  • Disposable Hand Warmers – Gives 6 hours of warmth and can be used in gloves or pockets. Simply remove from package and shake to activate. This is a great gift idea for adults and kids. Also handy to keep in children’s school backpacks.
  • 4 in 1 Emergency Tool – Another great gift item to help augment someone’s survival emergency supply or for any camping or hiking enthusiast. This tool is made of tough, heat treated alloy and won’t spark or rust.

Other low-cost, useful items that would make a great addition to any stocking include hybrid solar flashlight, light sticks, HeatStore sleeping bags, and survival/aid whistle.

For those family and friends that talk about putting a survival kit together but just haven’t had the time to get started; giving them a couple of even smaller items might be the reminder they need to get started. If you are planning to give more than one gift to a friend or family member, why not make one of them a sample of nutritious, easy to store, freeze dried meals. An emergency kit for the car would also make an ideal gift for all those College/University kids driving back and forth from school over the winter months.

Exchanging fun gifts at Christmas is great but adding a few practical ones that will be used and appreciated in an unexpected emergency are always welcome. It can also send an important message that you care about someone’s safety and well-being, so be creative and have fun with giving but don’t forget to throw in a few practical ones as well.

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