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Getting Your Community Prepared for an Emergency

GettingYourCommunityPreparedForAnEmergency In the past, we’ve talked about getting our workplaces and our schools prepared for emergencies, along with our homes. And today we want to encourage you to spread the motivation further. You can use any kind of group or community to inspire people to get prepared.

You could use your…

  • College
  • Reading club, writing club, meetup group, discussion group, etc.
  • Sports team
  • Fundraising group or non-profit society
  • Church community
  • Neighbourhood/Block Watch Group
  • Care or Retirement Home, or that of your parents/relatives
  • Group of friends

Once you’ve built rapport with people, they’ll listen to you more carefully and be more accepting of what you have to say. There’s also strength in groups—experience has shown that those who have planned together in groups do far better in the event of an emergency than those who are on their own, not only physically, but emotionally as well. So if you’ve spent time wondering how to get prepared, or have started taking preparedness action already, why not share with those you already spend time with?

Encourage your friends, teammates, fellow club members and co-workers to find out more about how to get prepared, and share what you already know about the region you all live in, together—and the risks it holds.

Try out our federal government’s website encompassing and outlining all kinds of useful information and directions, and then feel free to visit our website to start building your own risk response.

We even have group discounts on survival kits, emergency food and water, and other emergency preparedness products—if you find success motivating the people around you to take action, together!


Article contributed by Sophie Wooding – Avid gardener and cyclist in Victoria, BC and Content Writer for Frontier.io

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