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Get Prepared, Part 3: Organize a Kit

Organizing a kit is just as important as realizing the risk and generating a plan. When doing so, it can be helpful to think in terms of needing to last self-sufficiently for at least a week. And this could very well be a seems-longer-than-it-actually-is period without access to power or tap water.

Once you get together everything that you need, it’s equally important to make sure they are all organized in a way that you can find everything easily. Think of being able to Grab & Go, without extra panic or stress. Separating the goods into personalized backpacks for each household member can be a good way to go.

Some people like to put together their own kits. In this case, it’s an awesome idea to create a checklist like this:

  1. food
  2. water
  3. wind-up flashlight
  4. battery operated radio
  5. blankets
  6. extra batteries
  7. manual can opener
  8. first aid kit
  9. sanitation needs
  10. cash
  11. emergency plan, including in-town and out-of-town contact information

These are some of the most basic items to include in your kit, but of course there are others that might be useful to add. You may need certain items like medications, baby food, or pet supplies depending on your situation and what type of people you have in your care. If you’re planning for a big emergency, you may also want to include tools, extra clothing, footwear, food, water and bedding, a whistle, matches, candles and a small fuel-operated stove and fuel. The list could go on, depending on your personal preference. It’s a great practice to imagine an emergency scenario, and mentally go through each item that you’d like to have with you. Some people also like to keep a second emergency kit in their car, with similar components.

Other people like to buy their kits, perhaps because it gives them extra peace of mind. Either way, it’s absolutely key that the kit is accessible. This means that, as well as being easy to find — even in the dark — it’s also easy to carry. Think wheels or backpack straps! Really, it could be your lifeline, so overestimating the importance of the kit is the safest route.

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