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Wilderness Survival

Have you ever been camping in the real wilderness, where there aren’t even outhouses available? Even at the best of times, pooping in the woods can make you feel a bit like an animal. And sometimes, when you’re out in the wilderness, it’s not the best of times.

If you’re stressed out about the aftermath of a disaster, or about struggling to survive, even the smallest luxuries can make a big difference. Having enough to eat is crucial, as is staying warm. With a few extra items, you can keep your spirits up and even if there’s less measurable effect, it’s a very good thing while you’re in survival mode.

A Flushable Loo is a great addition to your survival gear—one that will definitely lighten your workload while you’re focusing on survival.

Here are a few other, smaller items that you might want to consider including in your survival kit:

  • flushable-loo-250-lid-up A charged mp3 player with some of your favourite songs. (Don’t forget a set of earbuds!)
  • Your favourite book
  • Your favourite pieces of makeup
  • A small colouring book and crayons
  • Moisturizer
  • A pack of cards or other compact games

Of course, you don’t want to increase the size of your kit by too much. After all, mobility is key. But if you pick one or two of the items that you think will help calm you down and lift your spirits in a stressful and frightening situation, you’ll be good to go!

Let us know in the comments what ideas you’d add to your kit!

 -Article contributed by Sophie Wood ing – Avid gardener and cyclist in Victoria, BC and Content Writer for Frontier.io

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