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Get to Know Some of our Favourite Emergency Preparedness Advocates

Although the population of Victoria, BC reached 367,770 in the 2016 Canadian census, the Victoria hub still hangs onto that small-town feel. The downtown core is tight and fairly simple to navigate. And a lot of residents will tell you that they can drive anywhere they need to go in 10 minutes.

We love that our Total Prepare showroom is in Victoria, because in friendly cities like ours, folks like to look out for each other. We want to introduce you to some other emergency preparedness advocates in the area!

Although these folks aren’t selling you preparedness supplies, they are passionate about learning how to do emergency preparedness well and are always on the lookout for ways to fine-tune the process of getting ready.

So take a moment to read up on how these preppers are prepping! We’re sure grateful that there are folks out there, like this, who are taking the time to gather knowledge about emergency preparedness and educate others!

  • Victoria Mom: Victoria Mom isn’t just about emergency preparedness, but she focuses a lot on safety and preventing harm from befalling herself, her kids and the community! She’s awesome at informing the community about local safety issues—whether it’s by passing on the word about recalled foods or sharing tips on disaster survival and preparation!
  • The Urban Prepper: Although this smart guy is located just a little outside Victoria, a hop, skip and a jump away in Seattle, if you live in an urban setting, you’ll be able to learn something from him. In his reviews, he focuses on how to be prepared in a city. He’s a family man looking out for his family, and we love that.
  • Survivor’s Fortress: These guys are pretty hardcore, and always ready to take action to become even better prepared for an emergency… including the apocalypse!

The internet is an amazing place and you may have found some other blogs and websites that are chock-full of survival guide material and knowledge. If you do—or contribute to one yourself—please let us know and contribute to the sharing of knowledge! After all, communities overcome disasters by working together.

-Content created by Sophie Wooding – Writer, gardener, cyclist and emergency preparedness enthusiast!

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