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Friday Roundup – Zombies, Philippines and Pledge to Prepare.

As we move deeper into September, we come across those pesky Zombies again.  Schools in the Philippines are getting disaster awareness curriculum  in the classroom and “Pledge to Prepare” activities for National Preparedness Month in Tennessee.

From ABC News comes this gem about the upcoming Zombie Awareness Month in October.   The zombie apocalypse is spreading according to FEMA’s monthly webinar which attracted almost 400 emergency management professionals from around the nation.   The CDC’s Zombie campaign  continues to roll along unabated.   My take on the whole matter is that whatever works to raise and heighten the need to be prepared for any emergency either man made or natural is good whether you like Zombies or not.

Disaster preparedness is to be taught in the secondary and tertiary level schools in the Philippines.  As a region of the world that regularly gets its fair share of natural disasters, the Department of Education wants the youth to participate more in risk reduction and management activities.  There is a need for involvement in organizing quick-response groups particularly in the disaster prone areas.  The youth are our future leaders, so this is definitely on the right track.

Finally,  the headline “Will you ‘Pledge to Prepare'”? sure catches the eye doesn’t it?  The Northwest Tennessee Chapter of the American Red Cross is encouraging residents to be Red Cross ready with an 8.5 x 14 inch poster encouraging residents to take three basic actions:  Get a Kit, Make a Plan, Be Informed.   The Red Cross also has the smartphones covered with a First Aid app that can be downloaded.  It includes basic emergencies videos, how to give first aid and action plans for droughts, earthquakes, tornadoes and everyday emergencies.  The Red Cross certainly is a leader in innovation.

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