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Friday Roundup – More Zombie Apocalypse, Kids & Preparedness and a Tornado in Southern Ontario

This Friday as Emergency Preparedness Week nears in Canada, we look at a few interesting tidbits from around the world wide web.  Starting with the U of Michigan being invaded by Zombies, moving on to FEMA and their message for getting kids involved in preparedness planning and finishing with a tornado in Ontario.

You can learn a lot from a Zombie.  So says a U of Michigan professor in this Washington Post article.  It was a classroom exercise designed to get School of Public Health students thinking about what the appropriate response should be during a disaster. “’Zombie apocalypse’ sounds a bit silly, but the point of this is to show that if we’re prepared for any hazard, even the unimaginable hazards, like zombies — because we know they don’t exist — we are capable of preparing ourselves for perhaps anything that might occur,” said Dr. Eden Wells.   Good job Wolverines!

Our next post comes from the venerable FEMA via LoneSafe.org.  The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) encourages families to have their children prepared for an emergency as early in their childhood as possible, making them smarter and more resilient as well as enhancing their opportunities to survive and help their communities recover faster from any type of disaster. We support any endeavour to have helps kids be involved in preparedness planning and education.  They are our future.

Finally, the tornado that touched down in Melancthon Ontario, not far north of Orangeville fortunately did little damage and was not on the ground long enough to cause any widespread destruction.  Environment Canada confirmed that a tornado touched down in Melancthon, leaving a 500 metre long and 75 metre-wide path of destruction.  However, it is a strong enough reminder to make sure you know the risks in your area and make sure you are prepared.

Until next time…. Know the risks, make a plan, get a kit!

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