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Friday Roundup – Insurance, tax holiday and Apps

It was one of those weeks that culminated in a Friday Roundup being posted on a Saturday morning!  Not to worry though, the wait is worth it with three great posts for your emergency preparedness interest.

We start with another Insurance Industry news item.  A proactive stance is required by the Canada’s property and casualty insurers to discuss earthquake preparedness with consumers.  Rather shocking statistics state that only 60% of BC consumers have earthquake insurance and only 2% of the rest of Canada.

I really like this next story and would hope more cities, counties, states and provinces can join suit.  A TAX holiday!!  The weekend of July 6-8 see’s the state of Alabama rolling out a tax holiday for severe weather preparedness products.  The program follows the states successful back-to-school sales tax holiday.  Sweet Home Alabama!


Until next week…

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