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Friday Roundup – Flooding, water bottles and more than insurance

Greetings from Victoria BC where I have been busy checking out this weeks articles, blog posts and product reviews to pass on to our readers. One provincial department that I follow on Twitter is @EmergencyInfoBC.  They are fantastic on keeping us up to date on breaking emergency news, events that are promoting safety and awareness and are full of  great tips.

From Emergency Info BC we have the following tips during flooding season.  It’s Flooding-Now What?  Be Flood Smart!  The information includes safety on the roads, with electricity and gas, boating and how to prevent illness.  They have a guide called the Guide to Disaster Recovery to help get people started which can be downloaded.

Finally an article regarding emergency preparedness and small businesses. Don’t stop at insurance to protect business in disaster speaks to the other measures every business should implement above and beyond insurance.  Insurance will only help so much.  Tips like creating redundancies, establishing alternative sourcing for supplies and negotiating reciprocal contingency plans and cooperative agreements with local competitors.  If every business identifies the scenarios they may potentially fall victim to based on geography, they may be able to survive.  It finishes with an interview with a family business that learned the hard way through experience.

Bye for now!

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