Friday Roundup – Hurricanes, seismic wallpaper and survival

As we move into the month of June and another week (National Hurricane Preparedness Week) has highlighted emergency preparedness in North America, I would like to start by introducing a new innovative product hitting the markets.

This is absolutely jaw dropping…  Seismic wallpaper!   A glass fibre fabric that combines with a special adhesive giving both strength and stability to masonry.   The product was developed in cooperation with scientists from the Bayer MaterialScience and industrial and academic partners.  Scientists have concluded that 60-70% of the damage in the New Zealand earthquake of 2011 could have been prevented if the product was installed. This wallpaper could revolutionize construction techniques in earthquake zone areas of the world. Check out the video.

Next, the vendors have moved in for promotion during the National Hurricane Preparedness Week with the International Bottled Water Association joining the “Be A Force Of Nature” Campaign.   The campaign started on Earth Day and continued through April 28 during the first-ever National Severe Weather Preparedness Week.  The campaign is a joint effort of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (twitter @FEMA) and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (twitter @NOAA).  Along with the usual know your risks, make a plan, get a kit, the campaign encourages individuals to “Pledge to Prepare” and be an example for others to follow.

Finally, we head over to a blog aptly titled SurvivalHow.  These folks talk about practical preparedness for the common family.  This is good news as we can become complacent in following the government “experts” and their “how to” lists, but when it gets down to good ole practical common sense, it is sometimes lacking.  Well, perhaps not lacking but maybe just not very well articulated into regular vernacular.  This blog has good honest information that is not endorsed or product driven.  That in itself is a welcome breath of fresh air.   They only have one very nice product on their site the Smart Kit with First Aid.   Check them out.

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