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Friday Roundup – Disaster recovery, FEMA and power outage

As we move into the last week of May with Emergency Preparedness Week in our rear view mirror, we build on the awareness that the week has afforded us and kick off with a website that is getting lots of press.

The 40 Days and 40 Nights training course by AbsoluteRights.com shares the expert techniques for preparing everything needed for a full-scale disaster recovery.  Their course has 6 modules that covers everything from food, water, fuel, safety and medical and trauma care.  There is training and tips on how to avoid becoming a target and advanced survival and preparedness topics.  You can find a good review of the course here from the good folks at Apocalypse Survival Guide.

Under the heading of Caring and Sharing we have this from FEMA.  The US government Federal Emergency Management Agency has posted an article just in time for the long weekend on Three Opportunities for Sharing Preparedness this Weekend.  Aside from the usual – Know the risks, have a plan, build a kit – they encourage you to talk to your friends and family and practice your family fire plans.  There are handy links in preparation for nest weeks National Hurricane Preparedness Week.  Follow FEMA on twitter @fema.

After the power went out in the City of Iqaluit for over 6 hours on May 22, 2012,  a new initiative was struck to better coordinate the different departments of the City (fire, RCMP etc) and “beef up” for emergency preparedness.   Considering the remote location, fragile infrastructure and severe weather the city is exposed to, this initiative, once executed will serve the community well.

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