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Friday Roundup – Zombie preparedness, video and a blog

How awesome is a “Zombie Preparedness Week”?  Emergency Info BC has been busy and active with their Zombie Tips video series.  They tweet under the handle @EmergencyInfoBC and provide updates on Earthquakes, Floods, Wildfires and other natural disasters that are occurring.  This weeks tweets have included links to their Zombie videos that are humorous and have attracted widespread media attention.

The opening video was this Zombie vs little girl piece.  What a great kickoff to the series.  Everyday another Zombie Tip video was added with this one on Wednesday.  I believe that this campaign (following on the heels of a US campaign on the same theme) has raised the awareness level a lot higher, resonating with the younger generation.  Well done!

A good blogger, page titled There’s A Storm Coming… are you prepared? wrote this very well researched, linked and written article.   In it he brings the points home about the unexpected results of something going wrong and the importance of being prepared.  His concluding scenario of a drive home and finding your normal route being blocked due to a catastrophe is particularly poignant.   Definitely a blogger to bookmark and follow.



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