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Friday Round Up – Calgary, NYC and Small Businesses

Calgary continues to be in the news as the massive cleanup from the recent flooding carries on unabated.  Our next stop is in NYC and we conclude with tips for small businesses.

As Calgarians and their southern Alberta neighbours continue to recover from the recent flooding, the Alberta Fire Chiefs Association have come on record to slam the federal government for cuts to emergency preparedness. Chief Brian Cornforth didn’t mince words “The federal government, they can just stay in Ottawa. They got in the way,” Cornforth said the federal government talks a good game on public safety but hasn’t been much of a partner. He said he’s sickened by near daily reports of misspending at the “highest levels of government” when funding is being cut for things like emergency preparedness and urban search and rescue.   – That’s giving it to them!

A proactive approach is being taken by the NYC Office of Emergency Management by announcing that 1.4 million New York City households and businesses in new Hurricane Evacuation Zones 1 through 6 will receive a copy of the new “Ready New York: Hurricanes and New York City” guide.  The new brochure provides a citywide map of coastal evacuation zones and evacuation centers, as well as practical advice on how New Yorkers can prepare for coastal storms.  – Great initiative!

Finally, we have a great post for small businesses to protect yourself from financial ruin after a natural disaster. If a small business can’t resume operations within 10 days following a natural disaster, the chances are it won’t survive.  The article lists 7 tips and guidelines such as an alternative location, documentation and emergency cash-flow needs.  – Great advice that could save your small business.

Another week is gone and we wish you a safe weekend!

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