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Free Resources

Emergency Plan Template

Creating a household emergency plan can be daunting, but it doesn't have to be hard! Total Prepare has a comprehensive guide and template that can walk you through getting prepared. The guide includes information on the top 10 natural hazards in Canada, while the template includes information and workbook pages for:

  • Emergency contacts
  • Reunification Planning/Meeting spots
  • Building an emergency kit
  • Pet Preparedness
  • and more!

Pocket Emergency Plan 

Keep your family's emergency plan right in your pocket with this condensed pocket plan. With plenty of room for emergency contacts and meeting places, you'll have the most critical info on hand, no matter your location, phone battery, or signal strength.

When signing up for the plan (100% free) you can also choose the top 4 natural hazards that are likely in your area and we will send you a plan customized with information about those specific hazards.  

Once you have selected your hazards, your pdf plan will be mailed to you. It's easy to print and fold, but we include a 'how to fold' video on the page, just in case. Check it out and get prepared today!

Youtube Channel

Emergency preparedness is a big topic with a lot of information out there. Total Prepare endeavors to make it more manageable with short videos on popular topics and frequently asked questions. Check out our channel for videos on topics like:

  • All About MREs
  • Preparedness for Seniors
  • Pet Preparedness
  • All About Camping Food
  • Oxygen Absorbers 101
  • and so much more!

Infographic / Poster

Looking for a quick, digestible graphic / poster to share with others? We made this resource right here at Total Prepare and we'd love if you shared it! It focuses on the basics of building an emergency kit and is a great resource for people who are just getting started with preparedness.

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