Food storage is one of the most important parts of creating an emergency supply cache or survival kit. There’s a lot to consider – different brands, different methods, DIY VS store-bought, nutrition, serving size… the list goes on!


That’s why we have the food storage guide! This handy guide will walk you through the process and options for establishing your own emergency food solution. It covers:

  • Compare the types of food storage
  • How much food to store
  • What to look for – ingredients matter
  • Accounting for special dietary needs
  • How to ensure the longest possible shelf life

Total Prepare wants to put this information at your fingertips to help you to make the best food choices possible for you and your family. Use the buttons below to either download the guide or to view it in your browser. Once you have had a chance to read it, check out our great pre-packaged freeze-dried food with a 25-year shelf life.