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Food is an Essential Part of Emergency Preparedness

The key to being prepared in case of an extreme emergency is stocking up with food and water. While this may seem like an obvious facet of any emergency preparedness plan, there are many people that do not actually follow through and obtain the food stuffs for the plan. The real key in setting up an emergency food plan is getting it all written down. By simply stating that a household must obtain food stuffs in case of an emergency is not enough. The fact is that most people do not purchase food items that last long and that will not perish within a few weeks or months.

A household should create a list of items to purchase and then find a place to store everything. Every member of the household should know where their stock is and understand how to ration it should the time ever come. It may seem like an expensive and daunting task to stock these items, but it is absolutely necessary for every household to do so. Along with an escape and cover plan, food is the most important aspect of any emergency plan – it’s the only way to truly survive.

Some of the items that a household should consider purchasing include canned foods that are meant to last at least a couple of years. Among the available canned foods are freeze dried meats, tomato powder, granola, wheat, vegetables, and more. But there are also “luxury” foods that come in cans such as imitation vanilla powder, freeze-dried ice cream chips, fruits, candy, and more. Additionally, every household should also consider storing plenty of water and other liquids, since the body cannot go more than a couple of days without water. Instant dry milk is also available for stocking and can be a great way to get necessary nutrients.

Some sites sell a year’s supply of food for one person, or a six month supply for two people. Purchasing a couple of these for a large household can be a quick and easy way to get enough stocked food that includes all the necessary nutrients as well as water and “luxury” items.

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