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First Responder Discounts


First Responder discounts Canada

First responders are vital for neighborhoods and communities.  We believe in helping those who help others, and are glad to offer first responder discounts.

The Value of First Responders

First responders are the frontline heroes who rush into emergencies, often risking their lives to save others. Their value cannot be discounted, as they are the first line of defense in times of crisis, providing immediate aid and stability. Whether it’s firefighters battling blazing infernos, paramedics providing life-saving medical care, or police officers ensuring public safety, these dedicated professionals embody courage, compassion, and resilience. Their commitment to duty helps reassure communities that help is at hand when they need it most. Beyond their immediate roles in emergency response, first responders play a crucial role in community building and resilience. They also foster a sense of trust and security. It helps to know that skilled professionals are ready to assist in times of distress. Their presence alone often acts as a deterrent to crime and encourages citizens to feel safe and protected. First responders also engage in community outreach programs.


Examples of Canadian First Responders in Action

Fort McMurray Wildfire Response: In May 2016, the city of Fort McMurray, Alberta, faced one of the most devastating wildfires in Canadian history. As the fire rapidly spread, threatening homes and lives, first responders from across the country mobilized to assist in evacuation efforts and firefighting operations. Firefighters, paramedics, police officers, and other emergency personnel worked tirelessly to evacuate residents, provide medical care, and contain the blaze. Despite facing immense challenges, including adverse weather conditions and limited resources, these courageous men and women demonstrated unwavering dedication and bravery. Their coordinated efforts saved thousands of lives and prevented further destruction, showcasing the resilience and solidarity of Canada’s first responder community.


Flood Relief Efforts in Quebec: In spring 2019, several regions of Quebec experienced severe flooding due to rising river levels and heavy rainfall. First responders worked around the clock to assist affected communities and mitigate the impact of the disaster. They conducted search and rescue operations, evacuated residents from flood-prone areas. They also  provided essential supplies and support to those in need. Despite the inherent dangers posed by rapidly rising waters and unstable conditions, these selfless individuals put the safety and well-being of others above their own. Their efforts helped minimize the loss of life and property damage.


First Responder Discounts

If you search for first responder discounts, you might be surprised what is offered. There are discount programs, retail discounts, and even some vacations can be discounted! At Total Prepare we gladly offer 10% off most items in our store (some exceptions apply) for first responders. Customers need to reach out to our team for their code for the first responder discount.  Please contact us if you have any questions.

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