Enter to Win!

Thank you for visiting us at this year’s EPBC conference. If you enjoyed the freeze dried candy at our booth, then you’re sure to love our very own Total Prepare MREs! Win a FREE case by submitting the form below – a $235 value!

With the highest average calories per meal in Canada (1240+) and 10 different meal options in every case, it’s no wonder the Total Prepare MRE is the gold standard for Meals Ready to Eat in Canada. Each meal contains a powerful, water-activated, flameless meal heater, so you can have a hot, delicious meal on the go – no stove required!

These meals are the ultimate solution for emergency preparedness and our most popular product.

What to expect when you get Totally Prepared…

Expert Service

Our team of friendly professionals are ready and eager to help! Whether it’s taking a simple, straightforward order, or working with you to build a supply plan from scratch, our team are the right people for the job.

Unique Products

Total Prepare is the exclusive Canadian distributor for some of the most sought after brands in emergency preparedness. You’ll find products you can’t find anywhere else on our site, including many made-in-Canada options!

Long Shelf Lives

Tired of using your time, energy, and budget to replenish supplies every 5 years? Our exclusive food and water options boast shelf lives of up to 50 years! They save thousands of dollars over the product’s life span over their 5 year counterparts.

Solution Oriented

No two organizations are identical and Total Prepare wants to ensure you have the best solution for your team. We’ll work with you to find solutions that really work, because you deserve better than ‘one size fits all.’

If you’re still at the show, drop by our booth and chat in person to Isabel and Ed!