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West Coast Emergency Preparedness Workshops

Emergency Preparedness Workshop

Along the west coast of Canada communities live in expectation of The Big One among other pending disasters. It’s unhealthy to live in fear, but it could save your life to be practical—and by that we mean knowing the dangers, and doing something about it.

The very fact that you’re visiting Total Prepare and reading up on the safety tips in our blog means that you’re on the right track! When even just one more person gets prepared, their community becomes a safer place. So when you start making emergency preparations, you’re benefiting your family, your friends and your loved ones!

If you’re interested in getting more hands on, you might want to consider meeting other people who are also interested in making the world a safer place. How about a workshop, so you can learn some of the basic emergency preparedness tennets while networking?

Below are a few local emergency preparedness workshops being offered in the upcoming months:

  • Right here in Victoria! Register for a free two-hour Emergency Preparedness Workshop to learn how to be prepared for a power outage, winter storm, earthquake or tsunami. They’re offering workshops on a variety of dates from now throughout 2017, so come to Victoria City Hall to get your emergency preparedness on!
  • Do you live in or near Vancouver? In these free workshops, running throughout 2017 and in locations all over Greater Vancouver, you will learn steps to prepare for, respond to, and recover from all kinds of potential disasters in the Vancouver area. Don’t forget about your pets and property!
  • Consider Booking an Neighbourhood Workshop in Nanaimo! Look no further to book a neighbourhood workshop with the RDN Emergency Program. You’ll need at least 10 people to book a date.

Wherever you live, there are most likely resources similar to these workshops closer than you think! We encourage you to get out there (or Google it!) and have a look around. You might be surprised how many people you find who are thinking alike to you. Whether you’re comparing family emergency plans or talking about your favourite brand of freeze-dried food, it’s nice to be able to bounce your ideas off others and gain insight. And after all, the more of you who are prepared, the safer you all are!


 -Article contributed by Sophie Wooding – Avid gardener and cyclist in Victoria, BC and Content Writer for Frontier.io


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