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Emergency Preparedness in the Northwest Territories

EmergencyPreparednessintheNorthwestTerritories Thunderstorms, hailstorms, blizzards and ice storms are all common occurrences in the Northwest Territories. Storms can develop quickly and with little warning, threatening your property and sometimes even your life. When a storm is relentless enough, it can result in power outages.

A power outage may only last a moment, or it may last up to a few weeks! During these times, one wonderful tool to have on hand is a radio that does not depend on electricity, such as our Kaito Voyager Classic II. 

You may want to consider what may be inaccessible during a power outage, and plan to have alternatives ready.

  • You may be left without heating
  • You may be left without air conditioning
  • You may not have lighting
  • You may not have hot water
  • You may even be left without a phone, once your cell’s battery dies

Any combination of these could pose serious challenges for you.

In case of being left without heat mid-winter, it’s wise to have a non-electric heater or fireplace installed in your home. It’s also a good idea to have an alternate source for heat and/or cooking on hand. This way, you can cook yourself hot food, and heat up water, and warm yourself up from the inside out!

It’s a good idea to stock your supply closet with emergency light sources as well. Consider our Hybrid Solar Charger Lantern! You may benefit from a non-electric charger for your phone, as well! Check out our options for solar-power multi-function chargers under Light & Communication on our website.

As always, when planning for an emergency, you will save yourself some anxiety, fear and maybe even pain, by planning ahead, making a list, and gathering all of your supplies together in one place. This way, a power outage might even be less like an inconvenience and more like an adventure!

For more information on power outages and other emergency preparedness guidelines for the Northwest Territories, have a look at Canada’s Get Prepared Website.

Article contributed by Sophie Wooding – Avid gardener and cyclist in Victoria, BC and Content Writer for Frontier.io

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