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Emergency Kits

Today, more than ever, it is important to be prepared for the worst. You never know when you may face a disaster and need to find a way to survive a few days without access necessary supplies. Because of this, one way that many people prepare themselves and their family is by purchasing or putting together emergency kits.


The first thing you need to consider is where the kit will be located. A kit for your car will contain different supplies than one for your home. If you are creating a kit for your car, make certain that you include some necessary tools to help you on the road. This means that you may consider road flares, a jack, and jumper cables — in addition to the more generic supplies.


A kit for your home can be larger than one that you take with you on the road. Emergency kits for the home may actually include basic household supplies that you keep replenished. For instance, you may want to have bottled water on hand; however, you will want to replace it regularly so that it remains fresh and delicious.


Some ideas for things to include in your emergency kit include:

Water — Each person will drink around a gallon a day, so you may need more than you think.

Nonperishable food- also include a can opener if necessary

Flashlight with batteries

Battery powered radio

Additional batteries

Well-stocked first aid kit

A knife, preferably a multipurpose tool

Personal Hygiene Items

Copies of necessary personal documents

Cell Phone with Charger

Contact information


Emergency Blanket

Having these items on hand will make any emergency a bit easier. However, depending on your personal and family needs you may need additional items. Keep in mind any specific medical needs or if you need special supplies for family pets.


Emergency kits are a very important tool to help you in times of need. Don’t wait, determine exactly what you need to survive during an emergency and purchase or put together the supplies today — you never know when it could come in handy.


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