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Is Your Emergency Food Supply GMO Free?

The number of us who insist on knowing what’s in the foods we eat and feed our families is growing every day. One quick Google search about this hot topic will bring up pages and pages of information about GMO free foods. It’s easy to understand just how popular a subject this is. Reading articles from food and agriculture experts also makes it a lot clearer exactly what all the fuss is about.  It all boils down to having the right to know what exactly is in the food we prepare for our families so that we have the right information to make our own informed choices. Since the law does not require companies to include information on whether the foods we are purchasing have any GMO products in them, it’s very confusing for the average consumer.

The most difficult part of determining the GMO content of the foods we purchase is with processed foods which make up a large portion of most people’s grocery list. This is mainly due to the fact that there are so many different pieces to the ‘processing’ portion of foods that the GMO component is usually contained within one small part of the process. Unless a food product specifically states “GMO free”, the likelihood is that somewhere in that product there will be a GMO component to what you are purchasing.

The one area that, even people who typically stay away from GMO foods often feel they have little or no choice in, is when they are preparing their emergency food supply. The thinking is usually that in an emergency, one can’t be too picky and as long as they have a few weeks supply of food at least they have planned ahead. While it’s true that having enough food, water and other supplies is extremely important to get you and your family through a natural disaster or other emergency, one can still have the calories and nutrition that is so important to your family’s health – even in such difficult times.

When considering just what kinds of foods to include in an emergency supply kit, calories are an especially important detail to pay attention to. It may be tempting to save a few cents on a particular food packet but if the calorie per serving portion is low, it will not fulfill the needs of your family’s daily calorie requirements.  Total Prepare carries all the supplies one needs to put together emergency survival packages to get you through 72 hours, 1week, a month and more. The food packages are specially designed to provide the amount of calories that people require while undergoing the stress of any kind of emergency. All foods are certified GMO free, and catering to all your family’s dietary needs is easy with nutritious meals and side dishes for vegetarians and meat eaters alike.

Variety is another factor that should be considered when planning your emergency food supply. Nobody wants to eat the same food for days on end – especially when stress levels can already be high for everyone. From breakfasts, to side dishes, freeze dried meats to drink mixes, coffee, and energy and food bars, the experts at Total Prepare are happy to help you decide what you need depending on how many people are in your household. Staying safe and staying healthy really can be easy as well as affordable.  

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