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Easy-Build Flood Barriers To Protect Your Home

As this year’s relentless winter finally approaches, countless homes across the country are bracing for record flood waters. Making sure your home, business and other possessions are protected before the waters reach your community or neighbourhood is your best defense. Quick Dam Flood Barriers is an innovative new product that is designed to contain and divert water away from your home or business.  Quick Dam eliminates the need for heavy sandbags that are bulky to store and because of their weight take up precious time to build especially when stress and time constraints are often at their highest. Energized

Quick Dam sandless barrier bags are lightweight, easy to use and extremely compact when dry, making them more convenient to store. These bags contain a non-toxic, non-hazardous, and super absorbent polymer that is flat when dry and quickly swells when it comes in contact with fresh water. Simply place and stack bags around critical areas to divert flood water safely away from your home, business, or construction site. Their unique ‘Stay Put Wedge’ is designed to hold them in place and keep them from slipping.

Once the bags have been positioned they can simply be left to wait for rain to activate them or can be wet down with a hose. After they have swelled, the barrier will stay active until the water evaporates. Complete evaporation typically takes a few weeks causing them to shrink and then will reactivate when re-exposed to water. If Quick Dam bags are being used to build a retaining wall, it is recommended that they be presoaked before stacking. Partially activating the bags is also recommended in areas where currents of water are expected and can be left in place to provide ongoing protection throughout the flood season.

Quick Dam Flood Barriers are versatile and can be used in a variety of situations such as:

  • Building and property protection
  • In front of doorways and garages to keep water out
  • Construction and roofing projects
  • Storm and flood preparation
  • Guard against general leak areas

The barriers are available in two sizes (6” X 10’ or 6”X 17’) to accommodate different needs. The small bags will absorb 8.5 gallon of water each while the larger ones will absorb 14.5 gallons of water. They can be left in place and allowed to evaporate and can be re-used over and over again making them more convenient and cost effective than traditional sandbags.

Protect doorway

As we have said in the past, being prepared for both unforeseen disasters and expected ones is the best way to keep your family safe and healthy and to protect your home. Together with emergency food supplies, safe drinking water and a secure barrier against inevitable rising flood waters, making sure your loved ones and your possessions are protected can be as easy as visiting Total Prepare for all your emergency storage and safety needs.

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