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Eastern Canada – Another Ice Storm And More Power Outages

Another ice storm in Eastern Canada and thousands are without power. Hopefully more people were prepared to weather this recent storm than the last big ice storm to hit that area.  To make matters even more difficult for those without the right provisions, the road conditions are treacherous, making it next to impossible to venture out for more supplies. Having enough food and water for everyone in your home is of course critical as it allows people to stay safe inside their homes.

Having adequate light and a way to prepare your stored food can help to turn a difficult situation into an adventure rather than a highly stressful one. A solar lantern that can be used for camping or emergency situations such as Eastern Canada is currently experiencing will also make weathering such storms much easier. With 6 hours of bright light and a life-long rechargeable system a Hybrid Solar Lantern will provide you and your family with all the light you need in an emergency. Powerful and reliable backup batteries also provide 50 hours of use and have an amazing 7 year shelf life.  A great addition to the solar lantern is without a doubt, a handy solar flashlight that lets you go from room to room and goes a long way in providing some added comfort and security for the little ones in your home. At less than 9” long and only 7.5 oz, it’s easy and simple for anyone in the family to use.

With no power, it’s impossible to stay connected to local radio stations that broadcast updates on storm conditions, the weather outlook, reports on when crews are expected to restore power, and other emergency service announcements. With so many of us who rely solely on cell phones for communication; no power also means no way of recharging those phones that are so vital in keeping in touch with family and contacting emergency help if needed.

With an FRX3 multi-powered, Smartphone-charging, weather radio, there is never any worry about staying in touch. This solar, DC, or hand turbine powered AM/FM/NOAA weather radio, is also equipped with a USB Smartphone charger. The FRX3 is equipped with an ‘Alert” function that, when the radio is on, it will automatically broadcast local emergency weather alerts.

These are just a few of the ways that you can be confident that you and your family will stay safe and connected in any conditions that winter storms can bring. We hope that this latest storm to hit Eastern Canada will prompt anyone who isn’t yet adequately prepared, to start planning their emergency preparedness kits as soon as it is safe to venture out once again. 

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