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Don’t Let Zombies Ruin Your Day!

You may have a lot of little frustrations throughout your day. A flat tire on the car, a bill collection notice comes in the mail, and your favorite performer bombs on American Idol. But, nothing can ruin the day like those pesky zombies! The best way to avoid that is to be prepared. Make yourself and your family a survival kit.

Plan to make several survival kits. One for your house, one for the car and a few to place in the other various “safe houses” you have designated in case of a zombie attack. Leaving your survival kit behind as you are escaping a shambling horde of zombies surrounding your house makes for a bad day!

Water is your first priority. Purchase large, sealed locking containers to store water at your house. There are many sizes available so get the largest containers you can find that will support you and your family for 2-3 days. Make sure the containers are secured to a floor or wall. Zombies aren’t big drinkers, and they’re not keen on bathing. But they are not very graceful and like to push things over so you don’t want your water source to be inadvertently dumped.

Besides this water source, you will want to keep a water filtration kit and some purification tablets in your survival kit. Zombies are slow moving and not very good at planning, so who knows how long they will hang around the neighborhood. Be ready in case you use up your containers of water and need to tap into rain water or other sources.

Next, consider your food needs. It case of a zombie apocalypse, every survivor will be looting the Oreo’s and Cheese Whiz from the local Mini-Mart so you can’t count on that. Here’s a helpful tip…zombies can’t operate a can opener. Stock up on canned goods that have a long shelf life. And be realistic. After your 100th can of spaghetti, you’ll never want to see another one. Have a variety of foods and throw in some of your favorites as a treat.

Dried foods are good choice, too. Remember to keep it in a sealed, waterproof container. Pulling out a bag of beef jerky for a snack to find it covered in something left behind by a zombie will make you suddenly lose your appetite.

Another very important item for your survival kit is a fire source. After the 100th can of COLD spaghetti, you’ll wish you had learned how to rub two sticks together to make fire. You can stock up on matches and fuel sources, but those will run out, too. Have a flint and steel available in your kit and a fire starting kit. People made fire long before the Zippo lighter was invented; you can, too.

These are a few important items to have in your zombie survival kit. Take some time to be prepared. Don’t let zombies ruin your day!

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