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What Has Your Daycare Done To Protect Your Child?

As we all know, emergencies and natural disasters can happen anywhere and anytime. For anyone with school-aged children, a huge fear for any parent is that an emergency situation will occur while their children are at school or daycare. The safety and well-being of your children is of course the biggest concern but is your child’s school or daycare prepared to care for your child for an extended period of time?

The fact is that even severe storms and blizzards can mean that you and/or emergency crews may not be able to get to where your child is right away due to weather and road conditions. As caregivers, teachers and daycare workers are well equipped to care for the emotional well-being of your child but aside from that, a proper supply of food and water is essential. As a parent, you want to know that your child’s care provider is prepared for any kind of emergency and that he or she has all the supplies needed to ensure that all the children will have adequate food and clean, safe drinking water regardless of how long they may have to wait for conditions to clear. 

It’s important to have a conversation with your child’s daycare or school to find out exactly what preparations they have made should an emergency occur while the children are in their care. Total Prepare offers special student and school kits that have been specifically designed to meet the needs of children in all educational environments, whether that is a home-care setting, daycare centre or a public or private school. There are a variety of kits to choose from including a Deluxe Classroom Emergency Kit, Basic Student Kit, and others.

Each Basic Student Kit includes:

·        1 Re-sealable bag

·        1 Reflective blanket

·        2 4000 Calorie Millennium food bars

·        3 4.2 oz water pouches

·        6 Wet-naps

There are also deluxe classroom kits that contain larger quantities of the supplies found in the basic kit but also include many other essentials that make it perfect for larger groups of children. Some of these extras include:

  •        Water purification tablets
  •        Toilet liners
  •         Snap-on toilet seat
  •         Hand disinfectant
  •         AM/FM radio flashlight
  •         Light sticks
  •         165 piece first aid kit
  •         N95 Masks
  •         Reflective blankets
  •         Signal whistles
  •         Tube tent
  •         Tarp
  •         400 Calorie food bars, and much more.

You have taken the time to make sure your children know what to do in an emergency and that your home is well stocked with food, water, and other emergency supplies. Now it’s time to make sure your children also have the same provisions in the event that they are stranded at school or daycare for any length of time.   

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