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Caution – Snow melt and flood risk

Unfortunately many areas in the country are still in the grip of winter with already heavy accumulations of snow and more on the way. As bleak as it may seem, spring is just around the corner and with it, the melting of huge amounts of snow in a relatively short period of time. The result will inevitably be the danger of flooding in many areas throughout the country. Preparing in advance is the best way to protect your home and possessions.

Until recently, traditional sandbags have been the recommended protection against flood waters and the preferred method in diverting water from your home or business. The major drawbacks in using sandbags are that each one needs to be filled, they are heavy to maneuver and they take up a lot of storage space. Quick Dam sandless sandbags eliminate all these issues as well as saving you time and money. They can be easily stored ahead of time or placed in areas that need to be protected before flood waters reach your home or business. Although flood waters can rise quickly, municipalities do keep a constant watch on their levels and are able to give most residents some warning. Preparing for these occurrences ahead of time can mean the difference between losing precious possessions and saving them. 

Quick Dam sandless bags are self activating by simply exposing them to fresh water and will absorb 4 gallons of water in just 5minutes. The super absorbent powder inside the bags gel and contain water, diverting it safely away from your home or business. These durable sandless bags will last up to 8 months of continuous use and can be placed in critical areas even during the freezing temperatures of winter and allowed to thaw as temperatures rise.

Protecting your home before the spring melt arrives is the best defense against rising water levels. The bags can be laid down ahead of time and either sprayed with a hose or simply wait for the rain to activate them. Alternately, the bags can be dunked in a bucket of water before placing them where they will be needed. Another advantage to Quick Dam sandless sandbags is that once they are activated, they will remain swelled until the water evaporates and can be left to shrink and grow again when re-exposed to water. The bags can be also be used indoors although caution must be used as they will be moist which can cause water damage to floors.  

The contents of the Quick Dam bags are environmentally friendly and will degrade with exposure to UV light, time and pressure. Once completely degraded, the empty pouch can safely be disposed of in the trash. Quick Dam bags are non-toxic so in the event that a bag should tear and the contents exposed, there is no danger to children or pets.

For anyone living in areas that are prone to rising water levels, taking a little time now to protect your home, business, or construction site with Quick Dam sandless sandbags is not only sound advice, it can you save thousands of dollars as well as the stress of losing your precious belongings.

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