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According to the Government of Canada, in the case of emergency preparedness you need to be prepared to get by without water or electrical power for 72 hours. That is 3 days, in case your math is rusty. While you can find plenty of lists that give you the ins and the outs of preparing a 72 hour survival kit, there are some things these lists won’t tell you. You need to get a duffle … Read More

Disaster can strike at any time, and because emergencies are unpredictable, it’s a good idea to prepare in advance by keeping 72-hour survival kits handy for you and your family. Sometimes referred to as a “bug out bag,” a 72-hour survival kit contains the basic supplies that you need to survive over a period of three days. You may need to evacuate with barely any notice if there is a fire, flood or other natural … Read More

It was one of those weeks that culminated in a Friday Roundup being posted on a Saturday morning!  Not to worry though, the wait is worth it with three great posts for your emergency preparedness interest. We start with another Insurance Industry news item.  A proactive stance is required by the Canada’s property and casualty insurers to discuss earthquake preparedness with consumers.  Rather shocking statistics state that only 60% of BC consumers have earthquake insurance … Read More

A common mistake that people make when preparing for a disaster, whether at home or at work, is to get bogged down with the details. While it is great to have a plan that accounts for every detail of a particular potential disaster, you need to keep in mind that the bigger the plan is, the less familiar everyone will be with it. Also, there are so many different disasters and unforeseen circumstances within those … Read More

You may have a lot of little frustrations throughout your day. A flat tire on the car, a bill collection notice comes in the mail, and your favorite performer bombs on American Idol. But, nothing can ruin the day like those pesky zombies! The best way to avoid that is to be prepared. Make yourself and your family a survival kit. Plan to make several survival kits. One for your house, one for the car … Read More

Moving into the month of June, activity seems to be increasing with emergency preparedness around North America.  Is it due to economic unrest in Europe or the continued wild weather?  This weeks roundup includes an article on mobile communications and earthquakes, the CDC denying the existence of Zombies and the Insurance industries take on disaster preparation. First up is the headline, Mobile communications and earthquakes: a very “disturbing” marriage.  My first thought is: what??  Mobile … Read More

The key to being prepared in case of an extreme emergency is stocking up with food and water. While this may seem like an obvious facet of any emergency preparedness plan, there are many people that do not actually follow through and obtain the food stuffs for the plan. The real key in setting up an emergency food plan is getting it all written down. By simply stating that a household must obtain food stuffs … Read More

Emergency Preparedness is a very important focus for many people, and not so important to others. If one is thinking of some sort of emergency preparedness and just doesn’t know where to start, it will take a bit of research. It will depend on how extensive one wants to be prepared. Does one want the bare essentials, flash light, batteries, emergency radio, fresh water, first aid kit and blankets, or do they prefer an emergency … Read More

As we move into the month of June and another week (National Hurricane Preparedness Week) has highlighted emergency preparedness in North America, I would like to start by introducing a new innovative product hitting the markets. This is absolutely jaw dropping…  Seismic wallpaper!   A glass fibre fabric that combines with a special adhesive giving both strength and stability to masonry.   The product was developed in cooperation with scientists from the Bayer MaterialScience and industrial and academic partners. … Read More

A bug out bag is a bag that is meant to contain items that one can survive on for at least 72 hours. Such bags come in handy in the event of a natural disaster or even breakdown in law and order. While packing a bug out bag takes a fair bit of work for the person who has never done this before, it is well worth the effort. The first step is to choose … Read More

As we move into the last week of May with Emergency Preparedness Week in our rear view mirror, we build on the awareness that the week has afforded us and kick off with a website that is getting lots of press. The 40 Days and 40 Nights training course by shares the expert techniques for preparing everything needed for a full-scale disaster recovery.  Their course has 6 modules that covers everything from food, water, fuel, safety and medical … Read More

Being prepared for an emergency can make the experience less difficult to deal with. Heavy snowstorms may keep you homebound for several days. High winds can knock out electric power and this can take several days for repair. A basic survival kit is easy to put together and it can be designed around your personal needs. Consider the types of events you are most likely to face and keep them in mind when building your … Read More

How awesome is a “Zombie Preparedness Week”?  Emergency Info BC has been busy and active with their Zombie Tips video series.  They tweet under the handle @EmergencyInfoBC and provide updates on Earthquakes, Floods, Wildfires and other natural disasters that are occurring.  This weeks tweets have included links to their Zombie videos that are humorous and have attracted widespread media attention. The opening video was this Zombie vs little girl piece.  What a great kickoff to the series.  Everyday another Zombie Tip … Read More

This weeks roundup includes a cute video, a mouthwatering burger recipe and another City highlighting Emergency Preparedness Week. The first item is a video titled “My Family’s Be Prepared Tale” produced for Emergency Preparedness Week by the Province of Ontario’s Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services.  Cute video voiced over by a little girl.  Being prepared gives your loved ones the peace and security that their immediate needs will be met for at least … Read More

People who receive preparedness gifts are always grateful for the thought and insight that went into the purchase. Preparedness gifts are greatly appreciated and extremly useful too. Why not consider giving your friends and loved ones items that can benefit them immensely when needed.

Recently Total Prepare Inc. was awarded exclusive distributorship rights for the Super Tankers in the province of British Columbia. Designed and manufactured in Canada the Super Tanker, the original & best in-home water storage container since 1998 is engineered with seamless construction to safely handle up to 2500 lbs. of water for long term water storage in a gravity fed system. What makes this story great is that the Super Tanker water storage container can … Read More