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As home to Canada’s capital city, the province of Ontario might be looked to by some as a community that should have its act together in the emergency preparedness sector. If you’ve read some of our most recent posts, you’ve read about AlertReady, Canada’s new nation wide public alerting system. Testing is starting this May! In Ontario and Quebec, residents will be receiving test alerts on May 7, with residents in most of the rest … Read More

As it is every year, Emergency Preparedness Week will be recognized across Canada from May 7 to May 13. This year, the theme is plan, prepare and be aware! You can be aware, prepare and plan by keeping up to date on the current conditions in your area, such as the weather. Another part of being aware is spreading the word! If we each consider it our personal responsibility to share our knowledge with others, … Read More

Although lightning storms are not common in Victoria BC, where our showroom is located, lightning flashes occur about 2.34 million times every year in Canada! While the number of deaths incurred by lightning strikes is relatively low (approximately 10 people per year), they seriously injure 100-150 people and ignite 4,000 forest fires each year. A bolt of lightning can deliver as much as 100 million volts of electricity and strike a target up to 16 … Read More

This week we link to a number of articles that relate to the Great ShakeOut which was held in earthquake prone area’s around North America.  Each area encouraged participants to register online to be counted and listed. There was the “The Great Southeast ShakeOut” held by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and Central U.S. Earthquake Consortium.  We all remember “drop, cover and roll” for fires, now we need to add into our memory banks … Read More

Preparing for survival is not limited to any one specific area, because nearly every city and every community are subject to some type of natural disaster. Whether it be hurricanes, nuclear explosions, earthquakes or floods, it is important that your family be prepared for an emergency disaster situation. Regardless of the region, there are five basic necessities for survival…food, water, communications, light and shelter/warmth. When preparing your survival kit, you should have enough supplies for … Read More

There are many why’s as to why prepare for the challenges every life goes through – to survive, to overcome, to reduce fear and anxiety. The reasons are as varied as the people who do prepare. Ultimately there is really only one reason to prepare: love. You set up home and life insurance, not because you fear being homeless or dying. That insurance can not stop these things from happening. You prepared by getting insurance … Read More

Good Friday morning!  We start off this week with a bloggers roundup of his own interesting articles, move into an innovative idea utilizing the zombie theme and finish up with a political group doing their part to inform citizens. Bill Hammerman is a blogger who runs the site  His post titled More Emergency Preparedness “Food for Thought” poses 2 questions with follow up links and 2 flow statements with follow up links all pointing to the … Read More

Preparing for an emergency before it occurs is the best way to fend off disaster. Planning allows you to gather supplies and be mentally ready. Emotions can flare during emergencies and having premade arrangements helps the whole family stay calm. The most important aspect of any disaster preparedness plan is creating a water supply. Water is essential to human life, and storing an emergency water supply can help any family though difficult times.   The … Read More

As September moves along at breakneck speed, we pause to reflect on this weeks news in the world of Emergency Preparedness and associated topics.  First up is a piece on Phone Scams which I am always very passionate about (that and email scams).  From there we move on to  the Top Mistakes Businesses make during Emergency Planning and finish up with a kids perspective.  Enjoy the read. Can you believe it?  The headline is FEMA … Read More

Recently, in 2009, central and southern Ontario was besieged by numerous tornados. Eleven of these twisters touched ground. They damaged over 600 homes. In 2006, three storm systems roared up the west coast of Canada. Heavy winds and rain left over 240,000 people with no electricity, according to the Edmonton Sun. Natural disasters can happen to anyone at anytime. Canada has experienced raging forest fires, devastating earthquakes, rising flood waters, and avalanches. While the government … Read More

Without question, everyone should engage in “emergency preparedness.” Many possible disasters are just around the corner—everything from another major terrorist attack (this time perhaps involving an atomic device), a fast-moving epidemic, a large chemical fire/spill, or even something as simple as a local electricity company shutting down for a while. Any of these disasters may result in no electricity, contaminated public water (or none at all), restricted mobility (because of closed roads), and total dependence … Read More

Hello on this Friday afternoon to close out August 2012.  As Hurricane Issac brings flooding after sidestepping New Orleans, it is also bringing much needed rain to drought stricken area’s.  September is National Preparedness Month in the US and is a good reminder for those of us north of the border to keep it front and centre in our policies and planning. Our first article is from reminding everyone of this months National Preparedness Month … Read More

As we move into August we cast our gaze south of the border where droughts and wildfires are on the news every night.  It brings up serious questions about both emergency management and long term preparedness.  We will start our Friday look at the fire situation in Oklahoma brought about by the severe drought, move on to a new Hurricane app and finish with calls that have reignited the food for fuel debate in the … Read More

Good Friday to you!  This week cast our gaze further afar, outside of our continent of North America to see how the rest of the world is coping with their emergency preparedness and emergency response to natural disasters and some not so natural. We start our journey in Africa in Dadaab, eastern Kenya, which is home to the largest refugee complex in the world with a population of  some 465,000, mainly Somali.  Here, a recent fire in the main market in … Read More

Good Friday, I am pleased to bring you up to date on this weeks happenings in emergency preparedness.   A few things caught my eye this week that I think should be shared.  The first article is on trying to encourage and bring in younger people to emergency response.  The second is another drill that allowed a city to focus on bringing it to the people and finally, a bit of information What a great … Read More

On a rather soggy Friday morning, I sit at my keyboard to update you on this past weeks comings and goings in the emergency preparedness world.  Three morsels for you to chew on today.  The first on sports facilities, the second on tests and drill and finally we wrap with our heads in the Cloud. If you were at home or the office, if preparations have been made, your world is relatively ready.  However, what … Read More