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It’s good to see you again. We have a large variety of items that are perfect for growing your emergency supplies. Check out our most popular categories below, or use the menu to navigate the entire site. Let us know if you have any questions or concerns at hello@totalprepare.ca or 1-888-832-1733. Happy shopping!

How Prepared Are You?

When it comes to emergency supplies, more is always better. That being said, we understand that limitations like money and storage space can get in the way of the ultimate emergency kit. So, what is a good baseline to aim for?

Food and Water

It is recommended that you store enough supplies to be self-sufficient for at least one week. Ideally, that includes about 14,000 calories of food and 28 liters of water per person.

This can be done through canned goods and grocery store water bottles, or through the specialty products you’ll find on this site. Specialty products have long shelf lives and are easy to prepare, making them ideal for emergency preparedness. Grocery store items usually need to be updated at least once a year.

Everything Else

An emergency kit should cover all 8 areas of preparedness: food, water, first aid, heat, shelter, light, communication, and sanitation.

Adding tents, sleeping bags, blankets, toilet sets, spare toilet paper, a first aid kit, radio, and flashlights to the above mentioned food and water will give you an excellent starter kit. Alternatively, you can purchase a complete kit here.

If you need any guidance on building your kit, please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly professionals. We’re here to help!