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Camping Gear to the Rescue – Part I

Wait! Don’t store your camping equipment away just yet!

The nights are getting cooler, the mornings damper. Signs campers dread as the camping season comes to a close. Accepting the inevitable, we mournfully put our equipment away, catching wisps of smoke caught in the fabric of our tents that instantly transport us back to the warm glow of laughter and comradery around the campfire. Our thoughts drift off to the promise of next year’s adventures as we sadly shake the last of the bugs off our screen house. It’s a ritual campers know all too well.


Camping supplies – pulling double duty as emergency supplies.

But wait! Though the season is coming to a close, did you know your camping equipment can pull double-duty as emergency equipment during the off-season? Here are some suggestions.

  • Tent – shelter if your home is uninhabitable.
  • Sleeping Bags – sleep warm, and use it as a blanket during the day
  • Propane Stove – this is a great option for cooking. Be sure to keep extra propane on hand.
  • Camping Dishes – your kitchen at your finger-tips.
  • Army knife, axe, shovel, rake – tools are handy no matter what the emergency. Some emergency require clean-up afterwards. You will be pleased to have your tools.
  • Waterproof matches, Flicker, or other fire starter – whether it be a high powered torch or simply a flint, having the ability to start a fire, should conditions allow it, will keep you warm and provide you with means to cook your food.
  • Totes – to keep your food and supplies secure
  • Candles – for light, warmth, and even an emotional pick-me-up
  • Lantern – depending on the type you have, keep extra supplies such as mantles and fuel, or invest in a multi-powered lamp that not only provides light, but also charges your cell phone and other devices
  • Games – do you have a games tote? If you take games with you camping, consider keeping them in a tote with your emergency supplies. It’s important to have something to pass the time while waiting for conditions to improve. Cards alone will supply hours of entertainment and are easy to throw in your kit.
  • First Aid – cuts, burns, bruises and bug bites are synonymous with camping. Chances are you’ll need your first aid supplies during an emergency as well.
  • Screen house – these wonderful inventions will give you an area to eat or hang out that is protected from the elements. A dry place to sit is a wonderful thing. Speaking of sitting…
  • Folding camping chairs – give your feet a rest and sit a while
  • Dish bin, clothes, water jug, hand towels, soap, toiletries, paper towel, paper dishes and disposable cutlery are all items that are useful during an emergency.

Perhaps you can think of other equipment that would also be useful. While assessing what you have, be sure to restock or repair any depleted or damaged equipment. By doing it now, not only will be you be ready in the event of an emergency, but you will be all ready to start the next camping season off with little extra work needed!


Watch for our next article, Camping Gear to the Rescue – Part II

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