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Bug Out Bags – What to Pack

A bug out bag is a bag that is meant to contain items that one can survive on for at least 72 hours. Such bags come in handy in the event of a natural disaster or even breakdown in law and order. While packing a bug out bag takes a fair bit of work for the person who has never done this before, it is well worth the effort.

Choosing the right bag

The first step is to choose the right bag. There are a number of bug out bags on the market, some of which are better than others. A person should choose a bag that has ample space, is not overly difficult to carry and is well made using high quality materials.

Which items should be packed in a bug out bag is the subject of a lot of debate. While it is important to pack items that will be needed if one has to survive in the event of a natural or man-made disaster, a bug out bag should never be overly difficult to carry, as a person may need to walk a great distance if roads are flooded, blocked or destroyed.

Food and water are basic supplies that one will not want to do without. Food items should be lightweight; most experts recommend packing instant noodles and energy bars, as these can be preserved without refrigeration and are not heavy to carry. Clothing is also very important; a person should have a couple of changes of underwear and socks along with an additional pair of pants, jacket, shirt and sweater.

A first aid kit is also a must. This kit should contain alcohol for disinfecting cuts and wounds, bandages and any necessary medications that a person needs to take on a regular basis. Having a small bottle of mosquito repellent and sunscreen can also be a good idea.

One should also keep legal documents packed in his or her bug out bag. If it is not possible to keep the original documents in the bag, then having a color photocopy would be the next best option. Documents are often difficult and/or expensive to replace and one will not want to run around the house looking for them as disaster looms.

Bug out bags are more than just a passing fad or a good idea. They have in fact saved many people’s lives and every person should have one. A person should choose a bag, pack items that are sure to be needed over a three day period and then keep the bag in a safe, easy to find place.

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