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BC Schools Improve Emergency Preparedness

VICTORIA, British Columbia–(BUSINESS WIRE)–BC schools are now better prepared for emergencies with the addition of Super Tanker Water Storage containers from Total Prepare, ensuring on-hand, on-demand and safe water for students and school personnel for drinking, first-aid or other emergency needs.

Preparing, providing for, and protecting students is a goal of every educator and school administrator. Proper Emergency preparedness is an essential responsibility. The Super Tanker Water Storage containers allows the schools to be better prepared for emergencies on a large scale without large expenses.

250 Gallon Super Tanker - White Weighing all the options, the 125- and 250-gallon Super Tankers fit the emergency preparedness needs while helping save money in the long term over pouch water and alternative water storage methods.

The Super Tanker Water Storage container is wholly self contained, gravity fed, requires no electricity, can maintain up to a 5-year shelf life, requires minimal space, and is more fiscally feasible than other emergency preparedness methods for safe, effective, and economical water storage. The Super Tanker Water Storage container is friendly to any situation: 28 inches wide, 36 inches deep. While the height varies with water storage capacity, the Super Tanker is smaller in diameter than a 55-gallon drum but holds much more water and has many more features for your emergency preparedness needs; both the 125- and 250-gallon Super Tankers fit most home closets.

Victoria, British Columbia-based Total Prepare Emergency preparedness proudly serves all of Canada specializing in providing a complete line of preparedness products with an emphasis on quality, innovation and the best value available for the consumer.

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