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Are You Prepared?

Blizzard of 2015
How often do we think about the amount of extra food and water we have stored away in case of an emergency? Or if we have extra batteries for our flashlights, and warm blankets in case our power is out for days? It crosses our minds from time to time that we should stock up on extra supplies, but a large number of us put it off thinking that it won’t happen. In reality, it can and it does, all over the world.

People panic when a disaster is upon them, like the recent Snow Storm of 2015 in the Northeastern United States. It set cities into a state of panic, leaving store shelves empty, long line ups, and some without enough supplies.

We should all be of the mindset that being prepared with long term food storage solutions will help us through the toughest of disasters. Emergencies are not saved for when they are convenient for us; they do not wait until we are all safe in our home and prepared with enough supplies. When they strike, we may not have time to run to the grocery store nor should we have to leave our loved ones while we attempt to herd through the people racing to get enough supplies.

Pantry If we find ourselves faced with a disaster we need to feel confident that our family will have enough to survive for at least 72 hours. An even larger supply of necessities, enough to last at least a week is something we should seriously consider. Convenient Freeze Dried Meals will provide you and your family with wholesome, tasty meals for days or even weeks. This is something you can take comfort in. These meals come in easy to store buckets and have a 25 year shelf life. In addition to full meals, Total Prepare also has snacks, drinks, protein shakes, and energy bars. There is plenty of choice for everyone.

There is nothing like the insurance of knowing that you and your family have enough food, water, and supplies once an emergency arises. Stock your shelves and give yourself peace of mind by being prepared for anything.

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