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A Total Prepare Update During Covid-19

A Total Prepare Update During Covid-19

We have been taking a break from blogs since February this year due to the covid-19 pandemic. Before we really get into the
swing of things again, here’s an update on how things are going at your favourite one-stop apocalypse shop.

As you can probably guess – we have been busy!  <img=”https://totalprepare.ca/wp-content/uploads/Simon.jpg”> Simon dressed a little like Ned Flanders As an essential service Total Prepare has remained operating throughout this state of emergency providing PPE and sanitation supplies for individuals, organizations, and government across Canada. While product in these areas has been difficult to come by, our purchasing team has worked tirelessly to keep them in stock as often as possible. (And doing a fabulous job! Click here for current stock.)

Although our Victoria BC storefront was closed for a couple of months in April and May, our diligent
warehouse staff worked non-stop to get online and phone orders moving as quickly and safely as
possible. Our showroom is now open again at 48 Crease Ave (M-F 9:30-5) and our masked team
members are ready and waiting to assist walk-in customers.


We are pleased to advise that during the pandemic we were able to add several products to our line up.<img=”https://totalprepare.ca/wp-content/uploads/Maple-Brown-Sugar-Oatmeal.png”>
These include Readywise 7 day dry bag food packs, OMEALS self-heating entrees and breakfastsInfection Protection kits, masks, and more!  Throughout it all, we’ve been working hard to continue to offer competitive prices on products we believe in and use ourselves.

Perhaps the biggest change at Total Prepare in 2020 is that we have had the pleasure of adding several
team members to the business. New staff in purchasing, customer service and sales are allowing us to
keep ahead of the game and continue to offer the excellent service and products that our customers
know to expect from Total Prepare.

What’s Next?

Moving forward, we will continue to work with all our clients to ensure they get their orders in a
timely fashion and have the supplies they need for any emergency – pandemic, earthquake, hurricane,
or in-laws (you never know when you might need to evacuate!)

It is our hope that this state of emergency will help to bring preparedness to the forefront.  We encourage
individuals, organizations and government to understand their local hazards, make a plan, and get their
preparedness supplies in shape. An emergency can come in any shape and at any time – a little
preparedness can go a long way to making them more manageable and adds to a smooth recovery.

At Total Prepare we will be resuming our usual communications.  These channels include blogs, sales, and email
newsletters as day-to-day business begins to find a new rhythm. We continue to grow our team and are
tweaking internal structures and processes to make sure every customer gets the best experience

We continue to follow the provincial guidelines and best practices for operating during the
pandemic to keep our staff and customers safe. During this state of emergency, we ask our clients to
work with us to ensure masks and social distancing are in place during in-store visits.

A Thank You

Finally, and most importantly, we would like to take a moment to say thanks: to our customers, suppliers,
and – of course, our steadfast team – for all of the support, patience and resilience they have shown over
these unprecedented months. Everyone has been amazing!

The understanding of our customers around product delays and courier struggles has been sincerely
appreciated by management and service staff alike. Our manufacturers, suppliers and couriers have
been champions: working overtime, pulling extra staff, and doing everything in their power to meet
skyrocketing demand. Last, but not least, our team has been here day-in and day-out answering
hundreds (feels like thousands!) of customer inquiries with professionalism and grace.

From the bottom of our hearts – we thank you all for your support and understanding.


If you are looking for more information on Covid-19, or guidelines on how to best protect yourself and
others, here are some resources we recommend:
Total Prepare’s original article on the virus
BC Center for Disease Control
Public Health Ontario
World Health Organization

This article was written by Zenia Platten – Author of Tethered and emergency preparedness professional.

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