25 Year Shelf Life

Total Prepare will help you to finalize your family’s long-term food supply for the next 25 years because everything we sell has a long, up to twenty-five year shelf life. Our food’s long shelf life is attributed to the airtight nitrogen packed food pouches that come with an oxygen absorber inside. This unique process keeps your food storage supply fresh with a 25 year shelf life and enables you to live worry-free for up to twenty-five long years.

A long shelf life in your food supply is typically a finite luxury when it comes to many food storage items and can be worrisome to those interested in building up a long-term food supply. When properly stored in cool conditions, we can offer a 25 year shelf life on our food storage because of our unique packaging process involving small airtight nitrogen packed food pouches, each stored with an oxygen absorber inside. The residual oxygen levels in our pouches are well below 2%, other long-term food storage companies’ standard minimum. This process keeps our long term food storage ingredients fresh, nutritious and delicious.

Say goodbye to rotating (or let’s be honest, throwing away) food storage that has long past the expiration date due to a short shelf life. Because the dehydrated and freeze dried food storage sold on this site has a lasting shelf life of 25 years there is no reason to worry about rotating out your food supply. When you invest in food storage through Total Prepare you can rest assured that your supply will be safe, secure and worry-free for a long time.

With a shelf life of up to 25 years, Total Prepare food storage is the answer to your family’s long-term food supply needs for the next twenty-five years. When you build your food storage supply with us, you need not worry for a long 25 years about feeding your family in an emergency because that is the shelf life of our food. Think of the security and peace of mind that offers. Secure your long-term food storage supply today with Total Prepare food storage and enjoy an up to 25 year shelf life worry-free.