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Ask Santa for Emergency Preparedness

If you’re tired of being asked ‘what do you want for Christmas?’ from every angle you’re not alone. Especially if you don’t know the answer! It’s great that family and friends want to show you they care with gifts, but every now and again, for me at least, the endless question can feel like pestering.

Of course, it’s just as (if not more!) frustrating for them. You must want something they say, and they’re probably right, but that doesn’t mean you know what it is. I am pleased to announce that I have the answer to the plague of questions and indecision that can breed resentment and unneeded stress during this busy time of year… Ask for preparedness supplies!

It's Santa!

Yes, I am a little (*a lot*) biased but hear me out! Preparedness supplies are useful, come in a variety of price points, and you won’t have to wear them once before thrifting them and hoping that you’re never asked about that heinous, itchy sweater ever again. They get to give potentially life-saving, interesting, unique presents, and you get to bulk up your kit in the blissful silence of an answered question.

And worry not! The gift of preparedness gives both ways. If you have someone on your list who is standing resolutely indecisive about what they want for the upcoming holidays, start a survival kit for them or add to their stash. I guarantee they won’t be expecting it.

Preparedness supplies do double time as backpacking/camping gear, they’re unusual, thoughtful, useful, and an important part of any household contingency plan. Give the perfect gift this year with amazing products like Grayl, Survival Kits, and Voyager Solar Radios. Or stuff stockings with awesome items like the 4-in-1 Emergency Tool, LifeStraw Personal, or a shiny new first aid kit!

Whether you agree that emergency preparedness is the ultimate holiday present, or if you’re looking elsewhere for Christmas gifts, Total Prepare hopes your winter season is happy, safe, and bright!

Written by Zenia Platten – Writer and Emergency Preparedness Professional

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