Getting Comfortable on a Long Camping Trip

Sometimes, camping just means skipping town for a night or two on the weekend… driving for a couple hours just so you can get out among the trees, feel the sand between your toes, jump in some cool water and—most important of all—escape cell phone reception.

Sometimes camping really is just a couple nights, where you throw up a tent, bring whatever food is in your fridge, and just relax.

Other times, you’ve planned extensively for the trip away and you’re going to be spending at least a couple weeks in nature, soaking in everything it has to offer and taking the time to heal and reflect and do all things healthy. If you’re giving yourself the gift of an extended camping trip like this, you may want to consider taking a few steps to make your stay more comfortable.

Here are a few suggestions.

  • Take time to think through the layout of your site, so that you can set it up to be comfy.
  • Consider stretching a tarp over at least part of your campsite—including your picnic table or the place you’ll be eating—so that you can still enjoy being outside if it rains.
  • Consider treating yourself to a Cabana Privacy Bathroom Tent so that you can relax even when you’ve gotta go!
  • Remember to bring sanitary items, so that you finish your camping trip feeling fresh and healthy. This might include a toilet set, or an extended infection protection kit.
  • Make sure you set up camp close to a beach, so that you can take a dip each day, and wake up feeling refreshed!

Whenever you get out in nature, you’re doing your soul a favour. And even if you’re adding some luxury to your trip, you’re still helping prepare yourself for a time when you may need to camp out in the event of an emergency.

So get out there and enjoy your camping, knowing that you’re doing a good thing!

-Content created by Sophie Wooding – Writer, gardener, cyclist and emergency preparedness enthusiast!

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