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10 Years of Total Prepare

Ever since Total Prepare was founded in 2012, we have been working hard to make Canadian communities safer. Preparedness has seen more public awareness in the past few years, and we couldn’t be happier that folks are paying attention! Plus, we’ve growing our team to better serve Canadians everywhere.

The Total Prepare crew in front of our Crease Ave location.

The Total Prepare team sure has grown over the last couple of years!

As we continue moving forward into uncharted waters, we’re thrilled to have you along for the ride!

In this special update, we have a letter from our Director to all of our awesome customers, an infographic timeline of Total Prepare milestones, and a special announcement—and it’s not an April Fool’s joke, we promise!

A Letter from our Director

Dear friends,

On behalf of the entire team at Total Prepare, we wanted to take a moment to express our gratitude for allowing us to be part of your journey to preparedness over these past 10 years.

We strive to provide exceptional customer service, impart industry experience and knowledge and offer a good selection of the highest quality products on the market.  Each experience where we have fallen short is a learning experience that we use to improve.  Thank you for helping us in our corporate journey with suggestions, comments, feedback and reviews of our products and services.

The last couple of years have seen an explosion in the preparedness industry and it has presented numerous challenges.  The patience that has been shown from our suppliers right through to our customers during this tumultuous time has been truly humbling.  Knowing that we have all been in this together has made a rough ride much smoother.

We look forward to the next 10 years of servicing our clients to the best of our ability. It is the greatest compliment that a company can receive when a happy customer refers us to their friends, family and coworkers.  We take these referrals as a great responsibility and appreciate the faith and trust that is given to us.


Ray Boeyenga
Total Prepare Inc.

10 Years of Total Prepare Milestones - text in post. 10 Years of Total Prepare Milestones

2012 – Total Prepare opens as an online-only business; later that year, their retail storefront opens on Crease Ave and they become the exclusive distributor for Legacy Premium freeze-dried food.

2013 – The first customer service employee is hired. Total Prepare presents at EPICC for the first time.

2014 – The warehouse gets an expansion with the addition of the company’s first shipping container.

2015 – Total Prepare becomes the exclusive distributor of 50-year shelf life brand Blue Can Water in Canada.

2016 – Total Prepare steps up to the challenges of supply shortages caused by the Fort McMurray fires and Hurricane Matthew.

2017 – Total Prepare’s retail operations move to a larger space on Hamsterly Road.

2018 – Totalprepare.ca gets a new design. Total Prepare becomes the exclusive Canadian distributor of XMRE.

2019 – Retail operations move back to Crease to better meet logistical needs.

2020 – This year brings about an ownership change, with Ray and his wife Debra becoming the sole owners. The COVID-19 pandemic brings about an unprecedented demand for emergency preparedness supplies.

2021 – To better serve Canadian customers out east, Total Prepare begins shipping select items out of an Ontario warehouse.

2022 – Total Prepare launches their branded TOTAL PREPARE MRE featuring a new box design and an updated menu.

…Wait, what was that last one?

Coming Soon: The All-New, Premium TOTAL PREPARE MRE!

We’re proud to be launching our very own branded MRE line: the TOTAL PREPARE MRE. Our team has been hard at work curating the menu and developing the kits to include even more goodies than our customer-favourite XMREs.

Want to stay up-to-date on the latest news? Check out our dedicated “TPMRE” website and sign up for the newsletter!


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