Mini Mixer Pack of Freeze Dried Emergency Food


  • Mini Mixer of Legacy, Wise, and Augason Freeze Dried Food
  • Legacy Foods 60 Serving Bucket
  • Wise 60 Serving Bucket

Variety is the spice of life, so why not prepare with a mix of all our favourite freeze dried food brands?

This package comes with four buckets: a 60 serving bucket of Wise emergency entrees, a 60 serving combo bucket of Legacy emergency breakfasts and entrees, and a bucket each of Augason Farms Fruits and Vegetables. This delicious Mini Mixer maximizes your options, while still providing the nutrition and flavour available with the best Emergency Food brands around!

Want more food? Try our full sized Mixer Pack of Freeze Dried Emergency Food.

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All our favourite freeze-dried food brands are together in one delicious bargain. Not sure whether you want Wise Food’s fuel efficiency, or Legacy Food’s unbeatable serving size and non GMO ingredients? Why not have both? Variety is the spice of life after all! To add extra vitamins and nutrients this package also includes an Augason Farms Fruit and Veggie Variety Pack. All of these packages have shelf lives of up to 20-25 years!

This package provides 4 people with 3 servings of food for 10 days PLUS delicious and nutritious fruits and vegetables.

What’s included?

Legacy 60 Serving Combo Package:

These tasty Legacy Meals have no Trans Fats, no added MSG, no Cholesterol, Low Sodium, and are vegetarian friendly! With a 25 year shelf life and the largest serving sizes in the industry, Legacy Food is an awesome addition to any Food Storage setup. Meals come packaged in 4-serving Mylar pouches with an Oxygen Absorber and are nitrogen flushed. Mylar pouches are stored in a heavy-duty, stackable, BPA free plastic bucket.

Included Breakfasts:

Included Entrées:

GF = Certified Gluten Free


Wise 60 Serving Entree Package

An in-store taste test had us going back for seconds! Wise food has a full 25 year shelf life and comes in 4 serving pouches. Wise food does not need to be simmered, it can be added to boiling water, covered, and removed from its heat source, helping you save valuable fuel!

Wise 60 Serving Entree Bucket



Augason Farms Fruit and Vegetable Variety Pack

Meeting your daily fruit & vegetable requirements has never been more convenient. The Freeze Dried Fruit & Vegetable Variety Pack makes it easy to use in your favorite soups, salads and side dishes. You might find your eating healthier in an emergency than in day-to-day life!

Fruit Pail

Sliced Strawberries 1 pouch 40 servings
Sliced Peaches 1 pouch 52 servings
Whole Raspberries 1 pouch 40 servings
Whole Blueberries 1 pouch 44 servings
Sliced Bananas 1 pouch 40 servings
Diced Apples 1 pouch 40 servings
Bonus:  Apple Delight Drink Mix 1 pouch 16 servings

Vegetable Pail

Diced Potatoes 1 pouch 22 servings
Peas 1 pouch 30 servings
Cauliflower 1 pouch 60 servings
Broccoli Florets Stems 1 pouch 30 servings
Sweet Corn 1 pouch 40 servings
Green Beans 1 pouch 40 servings
Bonus: Dehydrated Chopped Onions 1 pouch 24 servings


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Mini Mixer Pack of Freeze Dried Emergency Food

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