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Innovative, hygienic, and portable, the Flushable-Loo 400 is a great option for camping, RVs, boats, travel, or emergency preparedness. This flushable toilet makes packing up your waste and avoiding cross contamination as easy as one, two, three!

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The Flushable-Loo 400 Portable Toilet is an innovative flushing portable toilet (patent pending). Unlike conventional flushing portable toilets whose small cap on the holding tank makes it hard to dispose of waste and clean, the unique design of the Flushable Loo 400’s holding tank allows for easy access in order to dispose of waste and clean.

In addition, you could add a Double Doodie Plus bag to the holding tank which effectively makes for no mess cleanup and easy disposal of waste. The fresh water tank and holding tank have a 3.2gal./12L and 4gal./15L capacity respectively. With an easy push pump to release the water into the tank and secure side clamps and sealing gaskets to keep the unit together the Flushable Loo 400 is a great item to add to your RV, trailer, boat, cabin, or to take on your next trip.

Includes Free Sample Double Doodie Bag

  • Length: 15.50 Width: 17.50 Height: 15.50
  • Weight: 11.60lbs


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Flushable-Loo 400 Portable Toilet

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