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A hand crank power generator is your answer to power outages, giving you and your family peace of mind, knowing that if the lights go out, you have instant emergency back up power for your critical energy needs.  In a disaster situation, the “human powered generator” is the only way your family will have sustained power to operate regular 120 volt household appliances. This extraordinary emergency survival power generator works indoors or out, in any temperature, rain or shine. (Battery NOT included)

Please check out the video in the description for which inverter suits your needs.

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Product Description

The first things to disappear from store shelves in an emergency are food, flashlights, batteries, candles, fuel and generators!

Advantages of a Hand Crank Generator:

  • Does not require solar, wind, or fuel to charge. Charge it anytime, anywhere!
  • Does not require additional purchases of fuel during an emergency, when gasoline is scarce.
  • Can be operated indoors without deadly fumes or threat of theft while outdoors.
  • Easy to operate. Even children can safely operate the Crank A Watt.
  • Silent operation. No loud generator noise!
  • Easy to set up. No confusing mounting or home alterations needed.
  • Battery NOT included (see info at bottom for what type and where you can buy)

Are you prepared for the next Natural or Man Made disaster?

Most people wait until it’s too late to own a “Fuel-Less” power source. Do not put your faith in a gasoline generator during a disaster! As we saw with Hurricane Sandy, fuel and batteries disappeared within days of storm hitting. Portable gas generators are fine for a few hours, but what if the power stays off for days or weeks? There will be way to find gasoline to refuel your generator. What if you live in an apartment or condo? During any emergency, having ready access to mobile phones, laptops, critical medical equipment (such as nebulizers and CPAP machines), power tools and other survival essentials is impossible without reliable electricity.

The Crank-a-Watt™ hand crank generator is the ultimate portable “Human Powered Magneto Generator” for any emergency or survival situation. It’s the best human powered generator that combines both a hand crank and bike attachment. The Crank-a-Watt™ easily adapts to most existing bike stands and trainers (bike stand not included) and needs no wind, sun or gasoline to make instant power anytime, anywhere. Use the crank handle to generate power, or let your bicycle do the work. The case includes plenty of room for battery storage, power inverter and other supplies. The entire unit is easy to carry so you can just pick it up and go. You can charge an on-board battery at home, then transport the entire case in your car to your destination.

Practical. Portable. Safe. Quiet. Reliable.

The 400 watt Deluxe Crank-a-Watt™ is the top of the line for bike and hand crank units. With the power inverter and battery you can operate 120 volt household appliances like mobile phone chargers, lap top computers, televisions, most kitchen appliances etc. This 400 watt max. power Crank-a-Watt™ unit has everything you need to make instant power. Simply connect the included battery cables and you’re ready to go.

How to Set Up your generator.  See video below.

Deluxe Crank-a-Watt™ Features:

  • Patent Pending combo hand crank, bike pedal generator
  • Ideal for first responders, keeps police and fire fighters radios charged and ready
  • Supplies power for “ham” radio operators in a power failure
  • The perfect “preppers” tool for instant electricity
  • Lifetime Warranty on generator. The generator will never wear out!
  • Includes rectifier, battery cables and 200 watt inverter for operating 120 volt household appliances, instantly
  • Instant power anytime, anywhere, simply by cranking the handle or pedaling
  • 400 watts max. wattage output (150 to 250 watts typical)
  • High amp generator design
  • On board battery and inverter storage
  • Battery Voltage Meter
  • Weather resistant case with handle
  • Virtually indestructible “permanent magnet” design
  • Light weight, easy to transport. Pick it up and go!

Which Inverter do you need?  See the video below.

Uses: Charging batteries (12 or 24 volts) and operating 120 volt a/c appliances. Be prepared if the power grid goes down! Charge mobile phones, lap top computers, rechargeable flashlights, ham radios, iPods, boat batteries, power drills, walkie-talkies, water pumps for wells and cisterns. Crank-a-Watt™ operates most standard household appliances.

Where to use: At home, in your emergency shelter, in high rise apartment buildings, while boating, camping or hiking, in motorhomes, RV’s, or anywhere power is needed without the fumes and danger of gasoline powered generators.

Battery NOT included.  All Crank-a-Watt™ generators are designed to be portable and self contained. Therefore, the battery must be powerful, yet small enough to fit into the case. You will require a lead acid tractor-lawn-utility battery. Although they are not considered deep cycle batteries, they are very robust and good quality products. They operate in an excellent temperature range and are typically 135 – 180 cold cranking amps @ 12 volts, which is quite suitable for your generator. They can be purchased at stores such as Canadian Tire or Sears etc.  The battery cables included with your Crank-a-Watt™ are compatible with this style of battery.

Additional Information

Weight 29 lbs
Dimensions 24 x 22 x 12 in


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