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When emergency situations arise there is only one universal word that everyone understands, “survival.” The United States Government Issue (MRE’s) or Meals ready to eat and fresh bottled waters to residents in cities and states which have been declared a national disaster.

However, most individuals begin emergency preparedness earlier in the year or at the beginning of either the hurricane or tornado weather season. In addition to storing canned foods and emergency medical kits people also store plenty of fresh drinking water. What most people fail to realize is that water can become unsafe and contaminated over time and it will need to be purified.

AquaPail requires no chemical use, is designed to treat up to 1000 gallons of water, and safely remove water pathogens. Finding safe water to drink in the event of a weather related event is nearly impossible. Stores are forced to close and fresh water supply is limited.

Even during camping trips, lake water and other watering sources are not fit for human consumption. There is one sure way to enjoy great tasting water every time, invest in the AquaPail. It provides a continuous supply of fresh clean water. It is uniquely designed to remove toxins, bacteria and viruses from all types of water no matter where it comes from.

The AquaPail is the ultimate water purifier that requires no electrical power, no pump and no pressure. It is totally gravity fed. It is environmentally safe and is considered a green product. It uses no harsh chemicals and it is designed to destroy germs on contact. It is the great companion to have around in cases of national weather emergencies. Take it along on camping and fishing trips and to areas where fresh water is scarce.

Add the AquaPail to the list of emergency preparedness items. It is available in small or large sizes and can treat thousands of gallons of unclean water in no time. The Aqua 400 can treat 1 gallon of water in 16 minutes. The Aqua 1000 can treat 1 gallon of water in 7 minutes, the Aqua 3000 can treat 1 gallon of water in 6 minutes and the Aqua 5000 can treat 1 gallon of water in 5 minutes.

The designed of the AquaPail is based on 6 separate and function zones, the Pre-Entry Mechanical filter which is designed to catch large debris such as rocks, solids, leaves and sticks. The Pre-Filter media is found underneath the lid and is designed to trap smaller debris and this filter is removable for easy cleaning. The Disinfection Media Zone is the top layer and it is designed for retaining oils, and removing media beds and binding particles and bacteria.

The Partition Filter is found between media layers and it traps internal debris in between mesh screens. The MacroZero A removes toxins, metal traces, hydrocarbon contaminants organic microns. The Final Filter is an internal debris removal system that works to remove toxins at each level.  For more information on AquaPail products on Total Prepare, click here.

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